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Fake News Is Among Us

When it comes to digesting news whether it be online, through the radio or by television who or what can you really trust as a credible news source? The truth of the matter is those intaking news do not have the time nor patience to research and validate what is being distributed to them. Those that are doing the distributing either steal the stories from third parties and claim it as their own or simply fail to list viable sources of the information to give false impressions to their audiences.

Three Ways To Spot Fake News

Fradulant Reporters: A journalist must report on facts only, using any sort of opinion will automatically discredit one and paint them as biased.
Unlisted Sources: A story that has ZERO references listed is automatically considered uncredible and potentially fake. Go to any news site right now and check if there are sources on their articles. Don't be surprised if there are none.
Clickbait Headlines: A title that deceives, tricks or baits the viewers into clicking on it in order to attract more attention for increased profits.

How We Can Help With Credibility

Our goal is to bring back credibility to journalism using a system of validation from independent and unbiased third party reporters who go through a rigorous test to evaluate data. The reporters evaluation is then re-evaluated by News Reportors' chief authenticator to make sure credibility is number one key in each and every story submitted.